Giraldo Cordova Cardin: an unforgettable defeat

How disappointing is to the fans that some idols don´t show up where by the work and grace of the followers are the stars!

Such is the case of boxer Giraldo Cordova Cardin who on July 25, 1953 was defeated by withdrawal and silenced the voices of his fans at the Arena Trejo in Havana.

This young athlete, born on December 5, 1930 and orphaned at an early age, had a rich sporting career with only 22 years. For that reason he became an idol in his neighborhood in Marianao, a fact that led his friends to give him new white gown and trainers he would wear that summer night.

The unexpected Cordova Cardin´s defeat blinded the hopes of many fans who trust in the boxing skills of the black man of humble family, so far unbeaten with five wins and a draw.

The pretext of visiting an uncle in Matanzas was not convincing, but so was the announcement 24 hours later that he died during the Moncada Garrison assault in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

After the Fulgencio Batista´s military coup on March 10, 1952, Giraldo began to frequent the local Orthodox Youth, and then joined the 26 de Julio revolutionary movement, headed by lawyer Fidel Castro.

The young boxer was outstanding by his active participation in target practice in preparation for the attack on the military fort, actions that, like other youngsters preferred to carry out in secret to achieve the Batista dictatorship´s overthrow.

The Giraldo Cordova Cardin´s defeat by withdrawal in such an important bout thwarted his personal desires. His death is not the end of all his longings as it is reflected in the dreams came true by new generations and in the international boxing tournament that carries his name.

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    abril 26, 2010 en 4:31 pm

    Good job!!!! I like it!!!!!


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