International Boxing Tournament in Guantánamo

Guantanamo is one of the “hottest” lands in the Cuban archipelago. High temperatures 32 today characterize this region and it´s evidence tonight.

However, the stifling heat was not an impediment for fans to pack the Rafael Castiello Hall that for more than 30 years has witnessed the activity and quality of many of our sporting glories.

Thousands of Guantánamo fans attended the sports facility to witness the opening of the 40th International Tournament “Giraldo Cordova Cardin” Guantánamo 2010, to close next Wednesday.

Cuba is represented by two colors. The first team is represented by Daniel Matellón (48 kg), Yorman Rodriguez (51), Marcos Forestal (54), Iván Oñate (57), Yasniel Toledo (60), Roniel Iglesias (64), Adrian Lescay (69), Emilio Correa (75), Julio Cesar Cruz (81), Osmay Acosta (91) and Robert Alfonso (+91).

The second includes Pablo Vicente (48), Yampier Hernandez (51), Jorge Luis Mustelier (54), Lazaro Alvarez (57), Antonio Bidet (60), Richard Poll (64), Carlos Banteur (69), Maikel Pérez (75), José Angel Larduet (81), Erislandy Savon (91) and Yasmani Perez (+91).

The event was attended by the six best boxes by category, including those participating at the Youth World Championship.

Fighters from Australia and India are also included for a total of 51 competitors participating in this contest which since 1968 has promoted the Cuban and foreign boxing movement.


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