Guantanamo ready for baseball series

Baseball is Cuba’s national sport. Although not included in Olympic sports now, the country has kept the same system of preparation and selection of the players representing the island in international events with emphasis on the WBC.

The selection process of athletes begins in each municipality in the country where the best are chosen to represent each area in the provincial series.

By the way, it is about to start the 2010 season with the participation of ten teams, divided into two zones with five each. This event is of utmost importance for baseball players in their way to making up Guantánamo team for the National Series.

In the first group Guantánamo, current provincial champions, El Salvador, Yateras, Caimanera and Niceto Perez are included.  In the second will play Baracoa, Maisi, Imías, San Antonio del Sur and Manuel Tames.

There is a 24-game qualifying stage, the semi-final and the final between the two ranking first in each area.

The provincial championship will enable coaches to choose the 60 to later set three teams for a special series, from where will the members of the screening in order to represent Guantánamo at National Baseball Championship.

As usual, each team will be made up by 25 athletes including those taking part in the last national series and a group of novel pitchers and catchers who are under a special training.

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