Sportsmen for ecology

Wednesday was carried out a meeting between sporting personalities and athletes of Guantánamo School Sports (EIDE), which was attended by Paralympic and World multichampions Omar Turro Moya and Liudis Massó Belicer, as well as Irania Martinez Garcia, director of the Processing Waste Center (CEPRU).

Juan Saborit, Head of the Provincial Commission for  Athletes Assistance in the province, highlighted the work by decades coaches and teachers have done in such an institution that have trained giants such as the Olympic Dayron Robles (110 m Hurdles) , Yargelis Savigne (Triple  jump) , Driulis Gonzalez (Judo), Felix Savón (Boxing), among other outstanding athletes giving prestige to the educational center.

Irania Martinez, a renowned Cuban agronomist and ecologist, created one of the most successful environmental projects in the province recycling one of the city´s dumps for the cultivation of all kinds of plants thus eliminating the pollution process affecting the entire area surrounding the site. Such a project has been awarded by important international institutions like United Nations Organization, CNN, CITMA and now is nominated to “BIE- Cosmos Prize granted by the Shangai Universal Exhibition 2010.

In her remarks, Martinez, who was a judoka years ago, made reference to the values that sports fostered for her development as an athlete and called to protect the environment through the creation in the same school of an environmental program linking students and teachers.

Planting trees for every medal obtained in the X Centro American Games held on June 11 to 25, 1966 in Puerto Rico, was the culmination of this meeting which recalled the glorious feat of the “Cerro Pelado” Delegation that forty years ago placed Cuba second with 78 medals, despite the constant threats, humiliation and insults received by forces opposing the Cuban government.

Also present were other prominent athletes like Carlos Pavón, a member of the “Cerro Pelado” Delegation; World Youth Champion Juan Enrique Mendez; Pan American Champion in Wrestle Geovanis Melis, Central American Champion Maria Riveaux Chivás, and members of the school´s union.

3 Responses to “Sportsmen for ecology”

  1. junio 27, 2010 en 10:56 pm

    Strange story, really increadible.


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