South Africa 2010 says good bye. A new history begins

South Africa 2010 has just concluded and the championship remains in Europe, this time in the hands of Spain for a long four- year period.

Now a new cycle begins where Cuba will try to enter into a battlefield, where the strongest are those who win.

Every World Cup brings to the fans’ minds a common thought about who are the favorites. Of course, the Cubans are not even a little bit around the great teams and it is a tradition to say that the island has never been good at this sport.

This idea brings to my mind some articles I read about Cuba’s participation in the World Cup France 1938, in which it was the first Caribbean country to reach the finals of the championship. In that round they defeated Romania 2-1 and were eliminated in the quarterfinals by Sweden 8-0, by the way, the worst defeat in the history of the Cuban team.

Of course, the archipelago´s team has never participated in a World Cup since that feat in which they ranked 8.

Admittedly, football is not a traditional sport in the island, but in recent years there has been light improvement in this regard. They were second at the Caribbean Cup in 1996, 1999 and 2000.

Along with this improvement, also has increased the number of followers of a sport that for almost a month keep many people sat down or standing in front of a television excited about a goal that caused large waves of discussion or disappointed by the failure of, for example, the favorites of Our America Brazil or Argentina.

Despite all this, many years will pass before football games fills stadiums in Cuba, create clubs in which besides discussing the homerun of one of our baseball players, the goal of a Cuban or foreign team member in the great universal sport event.

South Africa 2010 says goodbye. A new history begins and everybody starts from beginning. Cuba has much to do in pursuit of further results. Everything is a matter of time, but also a matter of working hard, sparing no effort or resources to clear the way to qualify for next world Cup where yellow and green will prevail in Brazil. Improving athletic abilities, physical condition of resistance as well as the team´s tactical elements, are key challenges for the coaches of the Cuban team.

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