Three Guantánamo baseball players to University Baseball Championship

To the Cuban team to participate at the University Baseball Championship to be held in Japan, are added three Guantanamo players: Yoilán Cerce, and pitchers Dalier Hinojosa and Alexander Rodriguez members of the team playing in last national Baseball season.

Second baseman Cerce had a brilliant year at defense and as usual hit above 350. With only 22, he is currently the second base with more hits by at bat turns and is been world champion twice.

On the other hand, Hinojosa is one of the young Cuban pitching talents. He won nine games as a starting pitcher in the qualifying stage of the 49th National Series achieving his best performance in four series.

Alexander Rodriguez was very successful bringing significant success for Guantánamo. He´s got over 90 mph home stretches and his sliders around 83 mph. He´s also world youth champion.

This event will take place from July 29 to August 4 in Tokyo.

The Cubans, coached by Eduardo Martin, also includes nine players who participated last year at the World Championship held in several European cities.

Among them are the outfielders Yoennis Céspedes, Alfredo Despaigne and Leonys Martin, infielders Hector Olivera, Yorbis Borroto and Jose Dariel Abreu as well as pitchers Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, Vladimir Garcia and Yadiel Pedroso.

Frank Camilo Morejon, Yosvani Alarcon and Yaismel Alberro will be catchers adding Aledmis Días and Ramon Lunar.

This selection is added outfielders Henry Urrutia and Odrisamer Despaigne, and pitchers Arleys Sanchez, Ismel Jimenez and Armando Rivero.

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