Guantanamo defeated, but still number one in the East

Cuban Baseball Championship advances and many are the expectations regarding the performance of several teams in the all against all stage of the qualifying round.
In the battle for the top four teams in each region, 16 are faced with the desire for survival. Guantanamo, which many fans´ views has better performance than in the previous championships, has won 45 games when there are only 21 games of 90 for the expected play off, in which only the first 4 qualify for the Western region and the same number for the East.

After the long tour through Western Cuba, the Guantanamo team, known as the Indians, returned to their homeland to receive a number of contenders, including the roosters of Sancti Spiritus, who lost their three games against the eastern baseball players.

Notwithstanding, the Indians´s winning path was interrupted by Cienfuegos. After a hard-fought game those form the West, first in their group and leader in won games with 48, defeated Guantanamo 5-4.
In the pitchers duel, Norberto Gonzales won his victory number 12 with only one failure, while Frank Navarro added another defeat, this time was the 6th and 8 wins. Duniel Ibarra Lopez averaged 21 saved games and was ratified as a leader in this championship.

For the losers the batting was led by Vismay Santos, Yoenni Southeran, Yoilán Cerce, Leonel Escalante and and Dainer Moreira, current championship leader with 108 hits.

Cienfuegos relied on Yoelvis Leyva, Darien Gonzales, Adrian Garcia and Jose Dariel Abreu, the latter best average with 443 and best slugger with 962.

However, the Indians go with firm step to the play off tied with Ciego de Avila with the same number of wins and losses until the last games carried out by both teams.

Here’s the position of the 16 teams partaking in the 50th National Baseball Championship.
1 Cienfuegos 48- 25
2 La Habana 42- 31
3 Pinar del Rio 41- 32
4 Sancti Spiritus 39- 33
5 Industrial 35- 39
6 Isla de la Juventud 32- 41
7 Matanzas 27- 46
8 Metropolitan 24- 49

1 C. de Avila 45- 28
1 Guantánamo 45- 28
2 Granma 2 42- 31
3 Villa Clara 40- 34
4 S. de Cuba 34- 38
5 Camagüey 33- 40
5 Las Tunas 34- 39
6 Holguín 6 23- 50

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