Dayron Robles wins in Turin

Cubans Dayron Robles and Yuneisy Santiusty won in their respective specialties, the 110 meter hurdles and 800 meters Friday at the Turin Athletics Tournament.
Robles 2008 Olympic champion in 110-meter hurdles, won with 13 seconds and 23 hundredths, while Santiusty registered 1 minute and 59 seconds.

Main results at the Turin Athletics Tournament:

– 100 meters (against the wind: 0.5 m s) Ouhadi Aziz (MAR) 10.25; 200 meters (against the wind: 0.1 m s) Ronald Pognon (FRA) 21.10; 1500 meters: Amin Laalou (MAR) 3:31.92; 5000 meters: Lahbabi Aziz (MAR) 13:14.07;  110 meter hurdles: (head wind: 0.5 m s) Dayron Robles (CUB) 13.23; Hammer Throw:  Zagorniy Aleksey (RUS) 81.49 m; High Jump: Alexsey Dmitrik (RUS) 2.25 m.
– 400 meters: Antonina Yefremov (UKR) 51.43; 800 meters: Yuneisy Santiusty (CUB) 1:59.00; 100 meter hurdles: (belly against 0.4 m s) Yvette Lewis (USA) 13.04; 3000 meters steeplechase: Birtukan Alemu (ETH) 9:36.31; Triple jump:
1. Simona La Mantia (ITA) 14.39 m.

Taken from RadioGuantanamo


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