Cuba goes well in Guadalajara 2011

Cuba is going well in the Guadalajara Pan American Games. In fact, many of the current results were always out of all expectations until the last minute.

It was surprising the silver medal in swimming, for example, when, after an ineffective start, Hanser Garcia entered second. Of course some fans believe that if the pool measured 51 meters, the fast Cuban swimmer would had been crowned on the podium, but it’s all a matter of time.

In rowing, the island has been sensational and Guantanamo has contributed with good rowers to get the medal especially with the first gold breaking the golden ice for the island, through the hands of the Yariulvis Cobas and Aimee Hernandez.

Another Guantanamo, Wilber Turro, gave us great joy to get another gold medal completing the four Liosbel Hernandez, Manuel Ramos and Suarez Liosmel.

Out of prediction was Osleni Guerrero in Badminton, sport historically dominated by United States and Jamaica. To everyone’s surprise, the Cuban boy goes for the gold today against Guatemala’s Kevin Gordon.

And what about volleyball? Many saw the semifinal match with reserve against the U.S. and I am sure that most would bet that this was the last game of the discrete Caribbean dark girls. Now they will also go for the Pan American gold against the strong Brazil. Maybe a new door is now open for the recovery of our Cubans.

Cuba is now in 5th place among all countries with a total of 20 medals. The sports giving more medals to the Cuban delegation are to start, so if some sports had exceed forecasts, I guess the results for Cuba in Guadalajara will be beyond our expectations.


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