Guantanamo players outstand in baseball season

Giorbis Duvergel, the best Cuban outfilder Giorbis Duvergel, member of the Guantanamo Indians partaking at the 52nd Baseball National Series, is first among the outfielders with 421 average and continues to be, in many people´s opinion, the best of the Cuban baseball.

The left hander, 34 and 14 seasons, is an important element for the victory of his team, which now is 8th with 12 wins and the same number of defeats.

Yoeni Southeran, although lacking in offensive, stands out at the first base with no errors in 1 988 throws, which places him as the best defensive athlete in the history of the national series.

In this position also Ramon Lunar from Villa Clara stands out with 365 average and 17 runs driven.

So far 193 games have been played in this season representing 54 percent of the first stage in which eight teams would qualify for the following round.

Guantanamo needs to improve its offensive and closing pitching in order to advance to the other stage.

The Indians have been facing problems due to the absence of two of its stars, the right hander Dalier Hinojosa and the outfilder Goirbis Duvergel.

They still have possibilities to qualify, that´s why this second half is determining to fight for a ticket to the following round in the current baseball season.

After a break for the New Year celebrations the season continues tomorrow and Guantanamo faces the western province of Mayabeque.



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