Eight Qualified Teams reinforced for Cuban baseball Second stage

serie-nacional-de-beisbolA Sunday TV show gave the details of the selection of the baseball players who would reinforce the qualifying teams advancing to the second stage of the 52nd Cuban National Baseball Championship, in which three  members of the Guantanamo Indians were chosen.

Forty players, among them 22 pitchers and the rest to occupy the fields, were chosen for the season´s second part to start once concluded the III World Baseball Classic.

As a new rule, according to Higinio Velez, president of the Baseball Cuban Federation, no player will be excluded from the qualifying teams and the new comers´ numbers will change just in case it exists in any member´s shirt.

Some 124 elegible athletes made up the list of candidates.

The chosen recorded, in a general term, at least 119 times at bat and 20 innings for the pitchers, distributed in 5 catchers, 7 players for the remaining positions in the infield, 21 in the outfield, and 66 pitchers.

The eight teams to part take in the second stage are Sancti Spiritus, Cienfuegos, Industriales, Matanzas, Isla de la Juventud, Villa Clara, Ciego de Avila and Pinar del Rio.

Las Tunas was the team from which more players were chosen with 7, followed by Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba (6), Mayabeque and Artemisa (5), Granma (and Holguin (4) and Guantanamo (3).

The Selection was set as follows:

Sancti Spíritus chose Yadier Pedroso (pitcher for Artemisa), Giorvis Duvergel (outfielder for Guantanamo), Norge Luis Ruiz (pitcher-Camaguey), Danger Guerrero (catcher- Mayabeque) y Alexander Ayala (infielder -Camaguey).

Cienfuegos: William Luis (outfielder–Camaguey), Ernesto Molinet (infielder- Mayabeque), Lednier Ricardo (catcher –Camaguey), Yormani Socarrás (pitcher- Camaguey) y Alberto Bicet (pitcher- Santiago de Cuba).

Industriales: Carlos J. Viera (pitcher- Las Tunas), Yoelkis Cruz (pitcher-Las Tunas), Yudiel Rodríguez (pitcher-Las Tunas), Ariel Miranda (pitcher-Mayabeque), y Yoandy Fernández (pitcher-Las Tunas).

Matanzas: Alexander Rodríguez (pitcher-Guantanamo), Darién Núñez (pitcher-Las Tunas), Pablo Millán (pitcher-Holguin), Alaín Dela (pitcher-Santiago de Cuba) y Maikel Castellanos (infielder-Santiagode Cuba).

Isla de la Juventud: Alexei Bell (outfielder-Santiago de Cuba), Yordanis Samón (infielder-Granma), Yulieski González (pitcher- Artemisa), José A. García (pitcher-Artemisa) y Joan C. Pedroso (pitcher-Las Tunas).

Villa Clara: Yordan Manduley (infielder-Holguin), Edilse Silva (outfielder-Santiago de Cuba), Jonder Martínez (pitcher-Artemisa), Danel Castro (infielder-Las Tunas) y Dayron Varona (outfielder-Camaguey).

Ciego de Ávila: Danny Betancourt (pitcher-Santiago de Cuba), Leandro Martínez (pitcher-Granma), Miguel Lahera (pitcher-Artemisa), Maikel Cáceres (outfielder-Holguin) y Dainer Moreira (infielder-Guantanamo).

Pinar del Río: Alfredo Despaigne (outfilder-Granma), Leinier Rodríguez (pitcher-Mayabeque), Alaín Tamayo (pitcher- Granma), Orlando Lavandera (outfielder-Mayabeque) y Raimar Navarro (pitcher-Holguin).

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