Note by the Cuban Baseball Federation concerning case of Alfredo Despaigne

Alfredo DespaigneIn recent days several media have echoed a report published on the web site espn.com about a fraud related to Cuban baseball player Alfredo Despaigne, member of the Campeche Pirates team that partakes in the Mexican Baseball League (LMB).

According to the digital site, the outfielder’s registration in the tournament was made using a fake passport of Dominican origin, a fact that flagrantly violates the ethical principles of the Cuban Baseball Federation (BPF), an organization that has propitiated and is concerned with the contracting process of Cuban players in foreign leagues as part of the new remuneration policy to athletes and coaches.

The Cuban Baseball Federation explains that they have no responsibility with the alleged violation of the regulations of the registration process of players in the Mexican League.

This was recognized in the note released on May 15 by the management board of the Pirates of Campeche, which states in its second paragraph that “The Cuban Sports Institutions especially the Baseball Federation are absolutely unrelated to the facts that media in Dominican Republic have published in relation to Cuban player.”

The statement released by the Mexican team also says that “The Campeche Pirates Club shall begin a thorough investigation of the facts spread by the media and a complaint will be presented to prove the alleged commission of an offense of forgery against the person or persons responsible.”

The note adds that the club “will respect the decisions to be taken by Mexican League on the facts” and that Alfredo Despaigne will “continue to play for the Piratas de Campeche as he has ben doing since joining the current season.”

The FCB will closely monitor the development and results of the investigations carried out on the subject and will inform any decision taken in this respect.

Taken from: Cubasí

Translation: Ilia Charon


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