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Guantanamo in postseason of Women´s Basketball

baloncesto pelotaThe way to postseason in the Cuban Basketball League for women is shorter and Guantanamo  has already a place among the four teams to go for a medal in which Pinar del Rio, Santiago de Cuba and Havana will participate.

They went to postseason after two wins against Villa Clara and their following triumph against Artemisa were added to the other victories to sum 17, a good sign showing the team´s improvement after the setbacks of last seasons. This result was part of the hard work done by the trainers’ staff, which changed the poor image left.

Osmel Planas Castillo, director of the team, says the work focused on defense, the emphasis on the free throws and their different types, has been very effective for the team´s cohesion and good performance.



Guantanamo Indians at Good Pace in Cuban Baseball Championship

beisbolAfter a poor start at the 52nd National Baseball Championship against the Havana Industriales, the Guantanamo Indians beat Granma in their three games series at the winners´ Nguyen Vantroi Stadium.

In the closing game Guantanamo won Granma 2-0 backed by eight hits and the closer Alexander Rodriguez got the victory (1-1), while Sanz Rodriguez lost.

Orlando Jarrosay´s disciples relied on the good job at the mound of Lander Moreira, Alexis Riera and the right hander Alexander Rodriguez.

The winning runs were driven by the hands of Vizmay Santos and Felix Carbonell.The Indians´Mascot

Yoenis Southeran, the Indians first base and considered a powerful man at bat has a homer and continues unsinkable in seeking to break the  world record, now with 1816 throws with no errors so far.

For now the Indians treasure 5 wins and 2 defeats and are second in the championship.

Guantanamo has enough potentialities to be qualified among the first eight teams to advance to the second stage of the Cuban Baseball Classic.

Now the Indians are facing Pinar del Rio in their third series. Hopefully they will continue to be lucky.


Cuban Baseball to taste a new road

Among the hundreds proposals resulting from the 15 meetings carried out in the 15 Cuban provinces and the municipality Isla de la Juventud, a  new structure for the baseball championships arose.

According to Higinio Velez, president of the Cuban Baseball Federation, the 52nd National Series to open on November 25, will have 16 teams, representing all the provinces in the territory and the municipality Isla de la Juventud.

A first stage will last until February and will be characterized by an all against all- game period for a total of 45 games, out of which the eight best teams will qualify for the second stage.

Forty two games will be played during the second phase,   and the qualified teams will have the possibility to choose five players from the eliminated teams.

Only four teams will qualify for play off for a cross game postseason.

During the four last series, when the qualifying round comprised 91 games, teams underwent many ups and downs. Some cases set their training strategies for long terms but even they qualified, it was hard for them to stand during the first games in postseason. That´s the case of The Indians themselves, Santiago de Cuba and Granma, just to mention a few.

The new structure has many fans in favor but others who don´t agree. The point is that the new design forces managers and coaches to implement strategies for players to do a great job since the very beginning of the championship for the first stage in baseball championship.

Even though post season has been kind of nightmare for Guantanamo Indians, they have certain possibilities at least to the second stage since during the four last championships they finished twice among the eight best teams considering the first 45 games.

What will happen this time? As many say, games at the baseball field will give us the answer. Let´s see if the champion Ciego de Avila has the best strategies in short term seasons or which team is more aggressive, vigorous or why not? slower.


Cuba in Second Place in Panamerican Games Guadalajara-2011

The Cuban delegation ratified on Saturday its second place in the medals table in the Guadalajara-2011 Pan-American Games, when it added six titles more to replace Brazil.

Boxing once again brought joy to the Cuban people, when they won four gold medals in this penultimate day of the Games.

Cuba has 58 gold medals, one less than in the Games in Rio de Janeiro-2007, although it added two more bronze medals.

The Unites States (92 gold) is in first place, Brazil in third (47), while Mexico attained the fourth position with 42, above Canada (29).

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Silver medal for Cuba in rowing at Pan-American Games

Cuba got another medal through Yoenis Hernandez-Janier Concepción and Eduardo Rubio-Adrian Oquendo in Guadalajara Pan-American Games.

At the event they finished behind Argentina and ahead of Mexico in the regatta held in the Zapotlán Lake. This is the second silver medal in rowing, which has given up to this moment one gold, three silver and a bronze medals since the beginning of the event.


Ready the four teams to playoff semifinals. Guantanamo´s back home

The eastern Ciego de Avila was the fourth to qualify for the group to partake in the playoff semi-final of the 50th National Baseball Series, by defeating Villa Clara 1-0.

Guantanamo is already at home as Granma, second qualified, marred its dream of being part of the first four teams in the championship. However, it is has a fifth place, which is a better result as compared to the previous series who were sixth.

The list also include the western Pinar del Rio, who defeated Sancti Spiritus  2-1 in a tied seventh game and Cienfuegos, first qualified for, only required five of the seven games scheduled for quarterfinals and remove from their way the Habana Cowboys former champions in the 2008-2009 season.

Wednesday will lighten passions again with the games to define two teams defending the crown of the 50 Golden Series.


Guantanamo: one victory to semifinals

The Indians had Granma twisted around their fingers after winning 2-1 in the fifth playoff game of the 50th National Baseball Series.

The Guantanamo Van Troi Stadium was the scene of the good work of left-handed Lander Moreira who tied Granma and could only score one run through Yordanis Samon´s homer.

The hits of Yoilán Serce, Giorbis Duvergel and Yoennis Southeran were the engine for Guantánamo to score two runs and lead the game until the end. Indians hit 10 times and Granma 8.

The defeat came for starter Alberto Soto, who left the mound and yielded to the Guantanamo’s third win of the seven games scheduled for quarter finals.

Tomorrow, both teams will meet again, this time at the Granma Mártires de Barbados stadium.

In other playoff games in the Eastern area Villa Clara defeated Ciego de Avila 11- 3. Freddy Asiel Alvarez won and lost star Maikel Folch.

In the West Sancti Spiritus knocked out Pinar del Rio 13-1 and Cienfuegos won against Havana 8-5.