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Telemaco: he was never broken a double play

During the opening of the First National Championship, on January 14, 1962, Andres Pilotaje Telemaco stood out among the players who ever performed at the Latinoamericano Stadium, given to his youth, barely 19 years old, and tall.

His six feet didn´t match with his meager 150 pounds, but that low weight did not prevent him overcome the rigorous selection in the former province of Oriente´s team, and become the only Guantanamo player present in that event, attended by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

“It was an unforgettable moment,” Telemaco said half a century later.

In his native town, this glory of the Cuban sport, we all know him and everyone nicknamed him “Tele”.

Perhaps the most lasting impression left on the Cuban sport by Andres Telemaco was his unique way of returning the ball to the first baseman, after receiving it from the shortstop, which enables him to affirm several  decades later “no one could break up a double play “.

“I quickly pivoted, with the wrist, at the height of my hip and the one who did not slip was at the risk of being hit with the ball,” says the founder of our national series.

Upon answering the hackneyed question about the difference between baseball yesterday and today, he said that “that time we played more aggressively than today , without too many fights.

“The housing conditions that epoch were different: we slept in the stadium and the next day we went to eat the ground,” he adds.

“Tele” was among the first 10 batters of the 5th Series and led the list of doubles with 12. That number as well as his average (273), now seem ridiculous, considering that figure was reached against pitching stars like  Alfredo Street, Aquino Abreu, Justino Gavilán and Lazaro Santana, among others.

Agustin (Arias) and Telemaco, what a great combination!: One of the great truths contained in the Candido Fabre´s lyrics on one of the best pairs of double play.

Experts equate the pair to those made up of Miguel Rojas and Rigoberto Rodriguez, Rodolfo Puentes and Rey Vicente Anglada; German Mesa and Juan Padilla, Giraldo González and Alfonso Urquiola.

The Guantanamo, a base-stealing leadoff hitter who played well, defended the second base at the World Cup in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1969.

At the edge of 70, the prominent Cuban athlete is proud of the greetings on the streets by his countrymen and the treatment by the authorities of the province.