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Note by the Cuban Baseball Federation concerning case of Alfredo Despaigne

Alfredo DespaigneIn recent days several media have echoed a report published on the web site about a fraud related to Cuban baseball player Alfredo Despaigne, member of the Campeche Pirates team that partakes in the Mexican Baseball League (LMB).

According to the digital site, the outfielder’s registration in the tournament was made using a fake passport of Dominican origin, a fact that flagrantly violates the ethical principles of the Cuban Baseball Federation (BPF), an organization that has propitiated and is concerned with the contracting process of Cuban players in foreign leagues as part of the new remuneration policy to athletes and coaches.

The Cuban Baseball Federation explains that they have no responsibility with the alleged violation of the regulations of the registration process of players in the Mexican League.

This was recognized in the note released on May 15 by the management board of the Pirates of Campeche, which states in its second paragraph that “The Cuban Sports Institutions especially the Baseball Federation are absolutely unrelated to the facts that media in Dominican Republic have published in relation to Cuban player.”

The statement released by the Mexican team also says that “The Campeche Pirates Club shall begin a thorough investigation of the facts spread by the media and a complaint will be presented to prove the alleged commission of an offense of forgery against the person or persons responsible.”

The note adds that the club “will respect the decisions to be taken by Mexican League on the facts” and that Alfredo Despaigne will “continue to play for the Piratas de Campeche as he has ben doing since joining the current season.”

The FCB will closely monitor the development and results of the investigations carried out on the subject and will inform any decision taken in this respect.

Taken from: Cubasí

Translation: Ilia Charon


Cuban Baseball to taste a new road

Among the hundreds proposals resulting from the 15 meetings carried out in the 15 Cuban provinces and the municipality Isla de la Juventud, a  new structure for the baseball championships arose.

According to Higinio Velez, president of the Cuban Baseball Federation, the 52nd National Series to open on November 25, will have 16 teams, representing all the provinces in the territory and the municipality Isla de la Juventud.

A first stage will last until February and will be characterized by an all against all- game period for a total of 45 games, out of which the eight best teams will qualify for the second stage.

Forty two games will be played during the second phase,   and the qualified teams will have the possibility to choose five players from the eliminated teams.

Only four teams will qualify for play off for a cross game postseason.

During the four last series, when the qualifying round comprised 91 games, teams underwent many ups and downs. Some cases set their training strategies for long terms but even they qualified, it was hard for them to stand during the first games in postseason. That´s the case of The Indians themselves, Santiago de Cuba and Granma, just to mention a few.

The new structure has many fans in favor but others who don´t agree. The point is that the new design forces managers and coaches to implement strategies for players to do a great job since the very beginning of the championship for the first stage in baseball championship.

Even though post season has been kind of nightmare for Guantanamo Indians, they have certain possibilities at least to the second stage since during the four last championships they finished twice among the eight best teams considering the first 45 games.

What will happen this time? As many say, games at the baseball field will give us the answer. Let´s see if the champion Ciego de Avila has the best strategies in short term seasons or which team is more aggressive, vigorous or why not? slower.


Two Indians for a ticket to Eurasian Tour

Two Guantanamo pitchers, Dalier Hinojosa Hernandez and Alexander Rodriguez, playing for the Indians, are included in the pre selection of 56 baseball players, which began training today at the Havana´s Latin American Stadium for several tournaments to be held in Europe and Asia from October 20.

The group starts preparation under the command of coach Victor Mesa, who led Matanzas, one of the worst teams in Cuban baseball to the play off during the last series and gave the national team the gold medal lost by the island for 14 years at the Netherlands Haarlem Week.

The list includes the following catchers: veteran Ariel Pestano Valdés, Frank Camilo Morejón Reyes, Yulexis La Rosa Águila, Yosvany Alarcón Tardío, Yosvany Peraza Marín and Yenier Bello Veloso.

The infielders are José Dariel Abreu Correa the average leader for two championships, Yordanis Samón Matamoros, Alexander Malleta Kerr, Juan C. Torriente Núñez, Andy Sarduy Escobar, José Miguel Fernández Díaz, Dayán García Ortega, Raúl González Isidoria, Erisbel Arruebarruena Escalante, Roberto Carlos Ramírez, Yordan Manduley Escalona, Luis Yander La O Camacho and Yulieski Gourriel Castillo, son of the legendary Lourdes Gourriel, Maikel Castellanos Brack, Yurisbel Gracial García, Michel Enríquez Tamayo, Donald Duarte Hernández and Rudith Reyes Erice.

The Cuban best slugger Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez, heads the list of outfielders followed by the star Frederich Cepeda Cruz, Rusney Castillo Peraza, Guillermo Heredia Molina, Alexei Bell Quintero, William Luis Campillo, Yasmany Tomas Bacallao, Ariel Sánchez Sánchez and Edilse Silva La O.

The mound is completed by Yadier Pedroso González, Odrisamer Despaigne Orué, Freddy A. Álvarez Sáez, Ismel Jiménez Santiago, Vladimir García Escalante, Norberto González Miranda, Pablo Millán Fernández Rojas, Darién Núñez Arias, Leandro Martínez Figueredo, and other 13 pitchers who stood out during the last baseball championship.

This group of athletes is also the pre selection of Cuba´s team for the 3rd World Baseball Classic to be scheduled for March 2013.